Sean Butler

Energy Healer

Hello! I’m Sean, I’m an energy healer and organic farmer.

In today’s world, people have become disconnected from their true selves, from other people and from the world of nature. This disconnection causes underlying unease, anxiety, discontentment and anger, resulting in pain and illness.
My mission is to help people to find peace with themselves as individuals, collectively and with all life on earth so that we can repair our broken thread in the web of life.

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My Work

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Energy Healing at Hillside

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sean butler doing an energy healing session

Distance Healing

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Custom Healing Wands

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Energy Healing Sessions

  • At Hillside Holistic Farm
  • From a Distance
  • In Nature

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Everything that exists – animals, plants, people, stones, water, mountains, planets etc, are made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. The bones, flesh and organs of our bodies vibrate at their own frequencies. If I, or a part of me, is not vibrating at its proper frequency then I will not be functioning properly, resulting in some form of illness or disease.

As an energy healer I work to remove blockages and rebalance the energy flow so the body’s own immune system can return it to health.

I offer energy healing sessions at Hillside Holistic Farm or from a distance to the client at home. Both face-to-face and distance healing sessions can also be done outdoors in nature.

Energy Healing can help with physical, emotional and spiritual difficulties.

Energy Healing can help you with:

  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Arthritis
  • Head, neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Depression
  • Low energy levels
  • Insomnia
  • Weight loss
  • And many more conditions

How you will feel after Energy Healing:

  • Calmer
  • More content
  • Empowered- reconnect with your own power
  • Connected with your true nature. connected with who you truly are.
  • Your symptoms may get worse for a short period before they start to improve. This is part of the process and is one of the key reasons I work with clients for a period of 4 weekly sessions.

Healing for Healers

A while back during a conversation with a healer friend of mine, he asked me a question – who heals the healer – how do those whose gift is healing others take care of themselves?

The more I explored this, the more I felt guided to work as a healer of healers. Those who work as healers – energy healers, Reiki therapists, reflexologists, massage therapists, counsellors, coaches, doctors, nurses, teachers, mediums, psychics etc. are very good at caring for their clients often at the expense of their own health and wellbeing. They often run down their own energy and as a result, can suffer from illness, disease and burnout.

I will work with you to balance your energy, release the burdens of overwork and thus allowing you to continue your healing work effectively.

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How we work together

sean conductina an energy healing session

  • Distance healing means the healer and the client don’t have to be in the same place. It can be done with people anywhere in the world. All that’s needed is for the person receiving the healing to take 60 minutes to sit or lie down and relax while I am working with them.
  • Nature Healing sessions can take place at Hillside Holistic Farm or else the energy healing can be done from a distance while the client sits in their favourite nature spot at a pre-arranged time.
  • I recommend clients have healing for approximately 4 sessions.
After 4 sessions, the client can:
  • Continue for another 4 sessions
  • Book monthly sessions for maintenance
  • Book whenever they need a session

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Booking a Session

In Person at Hillside Holistic Farm

sean butler giving healing session

  • Face-to-face sessions take place at Hillside Holistic Farm healing space or, if the client prefers, they can take place outside in nature.
  • 4 sessions
  • 60 minutes
  • Price: €50 per session

Distance Healing at Home

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  • Clients sit or lie down at home. This is particularly effective because the client can feel very relaxed in their home environment.
  • 4 sessions
  • 60 minutes
  • Price: €30 per session

Distance Healing in Nature

sean in nature by stone wall

  • Clients sit in their favourite nature sit spot. These energy healing sessions are further enhanced by the healing power of the land.
  • 4 sessions
  • 60 minutes
  • €30 per session

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The Calm Magic Of Sean

I have had the privilege of having the calm magic of Sean in my life a few years already. He is one of these subtle secrets who is just doing his things quietly. I have had many amazing conversations, some healing sessions and walks in wild places with him. Sometimes all of them together. I think the best, and often rare, thing about Sean is that he is not in love with his gift. He just is. And this gives space to you to just be in this invisible healing and sharing space. When you are on a healing or becoming yourself path, then Sean is a good companion for this journey. Gentle, respecting, space giving and very strong.

Epp Adler, Estonia, Life and Self-Mastery Sense-maker and Coach

Coming back to my True Self

Energy healing with Sean was not what I was looking for, but long-term tension in my relationship with my husband exhausted me so much that I decided to try with the thought “It won‘t be worse“.

I totally trusted and relied on Sean. After the session, I felt huge relief and a wave of energy. Right away the situation let me take initiative and I dared to press “Restart“ button in my relationship. And it worked well.
When I feel down, I often remember Sean as a wiseman of our days who knows the manual of human “how to be“. Now I realise that universal development tends to separate us from our natural essence, the way we were created, and once we lose this awareness, we get into trouble physically, emotionally and psychologically. Although I have no scientific knowledge of how it works, I am sure that people have the ability to connect by thoughts and this can be used for energy healing, actually mainly removing blocks, which we create consciously or not. If you feel angry with yourself or totally lost, Sean is the one you can trust and get help to come back to true yourself.

Vilma, Lithuania

My Experience of Distance Healing

I was always into mind-body-spirit connection and as Covid-19 arrived on our beautiful island, I went in search of distance healing. I remember seeing Sean on Nationwide a while back and I was very impressed with his approach, his gentleness and his gifts. I got the courage during Covid to contact him. I was delighted with how I found the distance healing and amazed at how I could be in one part of the country while he is in another part and yet I felt I was at Hillside Holistic Farm. The results were great. I didn’t have to travel and believe me, when you get a healing the last thing you need is a journey home. I set my scene in my favourite place in my house, settled myself and totally did what Sean suggested. All you need is a willingness to be honest and open and Sean’s gift of non-judgment made it easy and I knew I was in safe hands. I could go on but I think if I were to say anything else it would be – if you are struggling during these times, a session with Sean is a worthwhile investment in your health. Sean is very reasonable and affordable and he trusts you to send him the money which makes it easy.

Anne, Tipperary

Energy Wands

energy healing session room and instruments

I make energy wands. These can be used by energy therapists or by anyone who wants to work energy. People have always used items found in nature or made from nature – stones, feathers, bones, bits of wood, sticks, crystals and precious metals in their ceremonies, rituals and healings. These are used to connect with – to tap into – the energy power of the animals, birds, trees, mountains, rivers that they represent. They are used to concentrate, focus and amplify energy and use it for whatever purpose it is needed for. This also ensures that we stay aware of and connected to the wider world of nature all around us and of which we are part. The wands are made from Hazel, Willow, Whitethorn or Blackthorn.

  • They are unique- one of a kind for each person and can be used to focus and direct energy
  • I will guide you in how to use your healing wand
  • Please get in touch to discuss

energy healing session room and instruments

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About Sean

seas butler energy healer

I started to get interested in alternative therapies and healing more than 20 years ago. I completed a Level 1 Reiki course to test it out. I was very sceptical about energy healing at the time – I wanted to believe that it could work, but the logical part of my brain said that it couldn’t. I did the course and found out that it did actually work! Within myself, I found a person I didn’t know existed. I had always been what I perceived my family, society, culture, religion wanted me to be and I was very good at being it. The person I found didn’t always want to go along with what was expected of him, he had his own opinions and started to listen to them.

I continued with Reiki courses up to Master level and completed an African Reflexology course. Then I did a Shamanic Practitioners course with Martin Duffy in the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies. Shamanic Healing is Western phrase for Medicine People in traditional healing. It describes a healing based on connection with the earth, the plants, the food, the spirit of where they lived. The Shamans were the medicine people, the healers, the doctors, the ceremonial people.

In more recent years, I have also trained with 4th generation traditional healer and diviner John Bracken in Irish Celtic Healing.

The energy healing that I do is a combination of all of the things that I have learned over the past 20 years plus what I am guided to do by my own intuition.

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